1. What are the qualifications of the people who will design my weight loss program?

Dr. Syverain is a graduate of the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is a licensed physician in the State of California. In these last few years he has helped over 10,000 patients to safely lose weight and maintain it with proper nutrition, walking, vitamin injections, appetite suppressants, and weight loss supplements when necessary. His 3-step model is becoming the standard model for weight loss management in Silicon Valley. His weight loss program is becoming synonymous with waistline management.

2. What kind of weight loss programs do you offer?

Our 3-Step Nutritional Program consists of dietary counseling, exercise and medications. It is designed to fit your individual needs and medical conditions. Click Here For More Information on Weight Loss Programs

3. How quickly can I expect to see weight loss?

It depends on many factors such as age, daily routine, nutrition, sex, hereditary, emotional health, general health, metabolism, and more. Some patients lose weight faster than others. Others may lose inches rather than lbs. A better measurement of weight loss is the reduction of the waistline.

4. How much does the program cost?

Consultation is free. We also offer a VIP client discount once you sign up with the weight loss program so that you save while you’re losing weight. Weekly visit is $75. Monthly price varies based on the type of program.

5. Will I have to buy expensive special food?

No. We will create a diet plan just for you based on regular foods that you can buy at the grocery or health food store. When possible, consume organic food.

6. Are there any appetite suppressants or weight loss supplements to buy?

No, but we encourage certain vitamin supplements for optimal health.

7. What are Vitamin B12 and Bcomplex?

Vitamin B12 and Bcomplex are essential vitamins that are crucial for the production of red blood cells and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. New studies have shown that B vitamins reduce the incidence of dementia in the elderly.

8. How do these vitamins work for Weight Loss?

Studies have found that vitamin B12 and Bcomplex are helpful in increasing metabolism and energy production, and reducing cravings for sweets. Some symptoms of B-vitamins deficiencies include: impaired memory, irritability, depression, dementia, and anemia.