Stretch marks are a kind of scarring that results when the skin is stretched more than it can handle. Stretch marks are common during pregnancy, puberty, and for those who have lost or gained a significant amount of weight. In the past people have had to depend on lotions and creams which have not been shown to be that effective. Now, Labelle Laser Skin Care Clinics offer laser stretch mark removal which can make stretch marks disappear and new, healthy skin shine through!

During laser removal, a beam of light is used to remove the thin layers of skin surrounding the stretch marks. This ultraviolet light changes the molecular structure of the tissue which disintegrates the tissues. Once this tissue is removed, new healthy tissue can grow in it’s place.

After laser treatment, the affected area will be red and sensitive to the touch. It will take several treatments to fully remove all stretch marks, and depending on the age of the stretch marks, some may simply fade, rather than disappearing altogether.

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